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It’s going to be hard to choose in our almost endless offer of teas & infusions, but know that we certainly have something to suit everyone’s taste.
The real tea lover can browse among the different varieties, green, white, black and oolong tea.
Those who are more into fruit infusions can indulge themselves and look for the most delicious combinations.
The herbal infusions can also help with minor inconveniences such as colds and other ailments.
Feel free to take a look, order your favorite flavors and we will deliver them quickly to your home!

1001 Night








Chai black tea




China Chun Mee


China Green Sencha


China Green Yunnan


China Oolong Shuixian Rock Tea


China Pai Mu Tan


Christmas tea


Dandelion leaf


Darjeeling – New English Tea


Darjeeling FTGFOP1


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