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Coffee roasting

Quality and freshness are our trump cards. That’s why our coffee is always fresh and has been for 5 generations since 1857.

We sell 12 different coffees, including decaffeinated and of course our famous Van Reeth’s dessert blend. We also have a spicy espresso blend.
Furthermore we have 9 other different coffees.

Our decaffeinated coffee is not chemically treated . This is due to the Swiss Water Process. This coffee comes from Honduras or Colombia or Guatemala or Ethiopia or Peru.

How we roast our coffee

All our raw coffees – also called green coffee – are exclusively pure Arabicas from the best plantations in the coffee producing countries. These green beans are carefully selected by us and purchased in a coffee plantation in the port of Antwerp. The green beans come from plantations all over the world. So each type of coffee has its own specific taste.

Because the beans are roasted according to traditional methods, they retain their own natural characteristic taste. The traditional roasting is done in a Probat machine that has been in use in the company since 1958. The whole process takes about 30 minutes at a temperature of 200°C. It is visually checked until the coffee bean has the desired roast. To remove all waste, the beans are placed in the de-stoner after cooling down.

Now the coffee is ready to be purchased in our store. The customer decides whether he wants beans or ground coffee. The latter is ground in the desired fineness for him or her.

Result: honest and deliciously fragrant coffee.