Our business’ history has started over 160 years ago. In 1857 Egidius Van Reeth founded a coffee roaster in Wintam, only to move his business a few years later to the Hoogstraat in Puurs, its present location. In terms of publicity Igidius seems to have been ahead of his time, as shown by the many original newspaper advertisements displayed in the Hotel.

In 1911 he was succeeded by his daughter Maria van Reeth who got married to Victor Peleman. Together they further developed the business into a grocery where more than just wine and coffee could be bought.

From their large family, daughter Paula Peleman took over the family business.  In 1947 she married Fred Van Reeth, and thus the name ‘Van Reeth’ continued.

When they retired on their turn in 1983, their son Wim Van Reeth  continued the business with his wife Miki Van camp and became the fourth generation coffee roasters, still on the same, original location. They expanded the choice of coffees to 12 Arabica varieties in the new,  refurbished business that opened in 2006 and now includes a hotel, coffee parlour and an artisan food store.


Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij
Hoogstraat 19/21
2870 Puurs

+32(0)3 889 00 57


BE 0434.501.008



Alle dagen open van 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 18u. Zaterdag van 9u30 tot 17u30

Gesloten Woensdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.


Momenteel is de Lounge / Bar*verplicht gesloten: 

Maandag tot Woensdag van 17u tot 22u30.

Donderdag van 9u tot 12u30 en van 13u30 tot 22u30

Vrijdag van 13u30 tot 17u 

Zaterdag van 13u30 tot 17u30.

Gesloten  zondag en feestdagen.

*wijzigingen zijn mogelijk