Located in the centre of Puurs, Hotel Van Reeth’s Koffiebranderij is located in quiet surroundings

Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij in Vlaanderen vakantieland

Watch the visit from the TV program 'Vlaanderen Vakantieland ' at our hotel and shop.
bron: één, Vlaanderen Vakantieland, 15/11/08

For companies

Our hotel is located in the centre of Puurs, at short distance from the many companies located alongside the N16. In other words, the hotel is ideally located for guests from abroad, and only a short walk removed from several restaurants and shops.
Ten comfortable and stylish rooms feature wifi, plasma TV and satellite connection , and a safe. All our rooms are very quiet since they have been thoroughly insulated.


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Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij
Hoogstraat 19/21
2870 Puurs

+32(0)3 889 00 57


BE 0434.501.008



Alle dagen open van 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 18u. Zaterdag tot 17u30

Gesloten Woensdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.


Maandag, Woensdag en Vrijdag: 13u30 - 18u.

Donderdag  8u- 12u30, 13u30 - 18u.

Zaterdag 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 17u30.

Gesloten Dinsdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.

Hotel Lounge/Bar:

Maandag tot Donderdag tot 22u30.

Vrijdag & Zaterdag tot 18u.

Gesloten zondag en feestdagen.