In addition to our rooms we also offer a stylish loft leading to our garden and pool. This pleasant space (four people max.) offers a spacious kitchen and sitting area.

The mezzanine includes a quiet bedroom. A walk-in wardrobe, a bathroom with shower and bath, a separate toilet, desk and hall are also included. The loft has its own entry and guest are invited to use the garden and pool.

The rates are 1800 euro/ month ( 1-2 people). Depending on the length of your stay these rates can be discussed.


Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij
Hoogstraat 19/21
2870 Puurs

+32(0)3 889 00 57

BE 0434.501.008



Alle dagen open van 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 18u. Zaterdag tot 17u30

Gesloten Woensdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.



Maandag, Woensdag en Vrijdag: 13u30 - 18u.

Donderdag  8u- 12u30, 13u30 - 18u.

Zaterdag 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 17u30.

Gesloten Dinsdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.

Gesloten van 18/09 t.e.m. 11/10/'19 ,     open zaterdag 21 & 28/09 , 05 & 12/10/'19


Hotel Lounge/Bar:

Maandag tot Donderdag tot 22u30.

Vrijdag & Zaterdag tot 18u.

Gesloten zondag en feestdagen.