19, 20, 21    or   26, 27, 28     July 2019


Our hotel is located conveniently at 8km from Boom. Tomorrowland can easily be reached by bike or public transportation, with the local train station at close distance. In addition, taxi service can be arranged.

Brussels airport is 35 km from our hotel.


Rooms are not refundable. Please make sure to purchase your Tomorrowland Tickets prior to your reservation.


Single room, breakfast, wifi and vat included:  90€ / night

Double room, breakfast, wifi and vat included: 110€ of 120€ / night

Triple room, breakfast, wifi and vat included: 170€ /night

Four persons,  breakfast, wifi and vat included: 190€ / night


Reservation for minimum three nights possible.



Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij
Hoogstraat 19/21
2870 Puurs

+32(0)3 889 00 57



Alle dagen open van 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 18u. Zaterdag tot 17u30

Gesloten Woensdag en Zondag.



Maandag, Woensdag en Vrijdag: 13u30 - 18u.

Donderdag  8u- 12u30, 13u30 - 18u.

Zaterdag 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 17u30.

Gesloten Dinsdag en Zondag.


Hotel Lounge/Bar:

Maandag tot Donderdag tot 22u.

Vrijdag & Zaterdag tot 18u.

Gesloten zon- en feestdagen.