For companies

Our rooms are suitable for 1-4 people and are situated around an intimate patio in which one can relax after a busy day. In addition there is large garden, sauna and pool available to our hotel guests.

Our breakfast buffet is served daily in a separate room. In our lounge you can rest at ease and enjoy a refreshing beverage or aperitif.

In our coffee lounge guests enjoy our freshly roasted coffee accompanied by some sweet delights. We should also mention our wine collection of  personally imported wines from the Loire and Provence regions.

As you can see our guests will enjoy a full experience!


Van Reeth's Koffiebranderij
Hoogstraat 19/21
2870 Puurs

+32(0)3 889 00 57

BE 0434.501.008



Alle dagen open van 9u30 - 12u30, 13u30 - 18u. Zaterdag van 9u30 tot 17u30

Gesloten Woensdag, Zondag en Feestdagen.


Lounge / Bar: NIEUWE openingsuren vanaf 8 juni'20

Maandag tot Donderdag vanaf 17u tot 22u30.

Zaterdag vanaf 13u30 tot 17u30.

Gesloten vrijdag, zondag en feestdagen.